Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Skippy the Wonder Dog

Ah life with a Rat Terrier. Every second of everyday is fun filled, full of laughs, and talk about a rowdy bunch. These little monsters of excitement automatically start to try to climb trees to get the squirrels. lol They can scale fences with ease, climb ladders, walk on branches, and are really quite amazing and agile. They love people, cats, other dogs, but No Rodents please, ever, ever. Yikes!
These tykes are game for anything, anytime. They were a favorite of Teddy Roosevelt, so that pretty much sums them up! The Rough Riders for sure!


  1. These are great pictures!
    I think dogs can fly, at least for a few seconds.

  2. omigosh, the LEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! so totally cute :)