Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This painting is of me, done by me. The three dogs are of course my darling Emily, my sweetheart Max, and my since passed beloved Linus the Pug. I have come to this spot since I was nine years old. It is located down the street from my childhood home. Whenever I was troubled I would come here as if it was my "Power Spot". I truly believe that my personal energy is permanently marked here. We live in what is referred to as "Wetlands", and it is a government protected bird sanctuary. It has always held some magical power for me.
Across the channel if you notice, are the chewed up lower portions of the trees. This is where the local beavers snack on trees. It was always a desolate place, and so quiet except for wildlife sounds, it can become scary. I did this portrait to sort of explain the emotions going through me when I visit this place. It has some weird surrealistic feeling to it, other worldly. This is how I love to paint, very bold, and somewhat intimidating. Oh and of course notice the large amounts of my beloved dramatic black. lol lol :) When George and I were young lovers we used to frequent this place. My Mother used to give me bread and crackers to feed the local fish. I don't fish because I don't like killing animals. It's also turtle land galore, and a gazillion crawfish, and frogs both swamp, and tree types. It's my little piece of Celtic type heaven. Right on the other side of this place is where we find Indian artifacts. It appears the Native Americans liked it too. The farmer near by said he has tons of artifacts, arrow points, fetishes, and other strange medicine man type stuff. I have spent the good majority of my life right here, in this spot. So for me personally this is my favorite painting, "The Real Me"!


  1. Amazing painting Maureen :) I know a lot of people don't like beavers, but I love them and the racoons--such hard workers and survivors! And the birds, except for blue jays and crows, don't most of them seem so cheerful???? You are lucky to have a special spot Maureen.

  2. The painting is fantastic!! I really like the water.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Some places seem very sacred to me. This looks like one of those places.

  3. Maureen you are such a super talent! This is amazing and I love the story with it. You've got great style thank god you didn't let anyone change that. You are the kindest warrior I know.

  4. Thanks everyone you all are the greatest friends in the Universe. I am truly blessed to have all of you! I truly love all of you dearly. :)