Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I want the whole world to see the most fantastic gift we got from our Granddaughter Lydia. As you all know she does a form of ART called "Anime" and we love her work. My grandfather George was a fabulous Artist and craftsman and Lydia inherited his form of art. Her characterization of our dogs is beyond belief. She has it right on the money. If you study their expressions that is exactly who they are. Max and the left and Emily on the right. Her art is sold Internationally also. Japan, Hawaii, Australian, England, and of course USA. Kasey will truly understand and appreciate her Art, being done in a more Illustrative fashion. Our Lydia is truly the Bomb! We adore every single cell in her body..lol :) Her Art always makes our "jaws" drop with amazement. She put some of her items in a local Gift Shop, the woman there said to us, "Your Granddaughter is truly amazing! I told her to jazz up her display, she immediately pulled out paper from her backpack, and started to draw the most amazing art freehand, from memory"! The woman said, "We just watched her in amazement"! lol :) that is exactly how my grandfather George was. When I used to babysit her when she was little about 4 years old she started to draw, day after day, hours on end. One time when she was six I said "I bought you some paint to start to learn to paint on your drawings"! I explained it to her. Several hours later she comes up to me, "How is this Grandma"? My face looked like I had major plastic surgery, my face was frozen with this surprised look....I said, "OMG it is an actual Matisse"! I am not kidding! She went to an "Anime" show not too long ago and sold every painting. Cheez, makes us look like sorry azzes...lol lol :) Once in her quiet, soft spoken manner she says, "Oh I want to show you some of my costumes, they were on CNN"! lol lol She pulls up the YouTube and shows us....we were shocked with her subtle manner towards being on CNN, just like it's nothing....lol lol lol :) If you knew her, you could not help but love, love, love, this young woman. I said, "Man you are Beatrix Potter with an Anime twist. She lives for animals and just communicates with them. She is not only Beautiful, but way so smart.....:) She says, "You and Grandpa can put some of your pottery on my site"! Gosh, how sweet is that! SHE is the greatest gift to us! I thank God everyday for Carrie, Lydia, Teresa, Frank, Rob, Kathy, and all the wonderful Artists I am surrounded by. Gosh life is good.
We had a most splendid Christmas, lots of gift cards, but OH SO WAY MUCH LOVE! We are blest! Happy New Year Everyone! We truly do love you! :)


  1. Oh gosh! That illustration is incredible! What wonderful expressions. Wow. She's amazing! It's in her blood!
    Thank God she has people in her life that encouraged her exploring her great talent while she was growing up. Look what your love and her talent have taught her? To be an amazing, yet humble artist.

  2. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Veryveryvery beautiful :)