Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In the Beginning!

Well let's start at the beginning. Here is a photo of me as a baby. Yes, I am the chubby one sitting on the chair between my Cousin Lydia left, and my older sister Kathleen, right. Notice the monstrous gobs of hair on my head. lol lol lol.
This is my first blog, so I am sure it will take me awhile to find out just what people find interesting on my blog.
I see my whole world in pictures in my mind all the time. In all honesty I wish I were a stand up comic. I have always said, if you don't have a good sense of humor, than stay away from humanity! lol lol lol

Here are two portraits I did, one of me on the left, and my husband George on the right. I love to draw and love to create. It is what I have a passion to do, and what I do best! I will be posting photos a lot, remember I love to see the world in pictures! lol lol lol Oh by the way the portraits were when we in our 20's. And "yes" George looks at me like that all the time! lol lol lol That is his "Now what are you up to" look. One never knows with me. Here is my self analysis of myself, "I am extremely sesative, love beautiful things in life, love people with beautiful souls, and adore animals because of their purity.
I will sign off for today May 26, 2010....A Day in my Life!


  1. MAUREEN! Omigosh, such drawings. I knew you were like me, so MUCH TO SHARE!!! PICTURES and stories and dreams and music and what you're working on, yep :) Cute baby too! lololololol

  2. Maureen your art work is so good!