Friday, September 24, 2010

Entry for Tim Burton BABB Blog

This piece is called "Oogie Boogie Blood and Guts Bowl". When thinking of Tim Burton and his wonderful animations mainly the "Night Before Christmas", which George and I adored what comes to mind is always the macabre . His creations always hold me spellbound even though they are at times gory and somewhat repulsive to the Max.
The character I created was to represent his wonderful animated characters. This one met his match and wound up squished into a soup for a Monsters dinner.
It is made out of stoneware, fired to cone 6, the character is hand sculpted.
The soup consists of tomato soup, salsa, pasta, and provolone cheese cut into bones. MMM so delicious and rated four stars by ghouls, trolls, monsters everywhere.


  1. oh my GOD auntie MOODLE I love it so much I am gonna share it now!

  2. This is fantastic!
    And the soup sounds great too!
    I can't wait to put mine up!

  3. Wow I love that Oogie Boogie bowl!!!! The soup looks delicious too, love the cheese bones!

  4. Oh Maureen! This is just completely fantastic! I love it!!! Creeptastic!

  5. My boy loves this movie. When he was little he called it the "dockmary christmas". He watched it nearly every day. We wore out the vhs tape
    Then moved on to the dvd.