Monday, September 27, 2010

What is with the Cults?

You know I have been thinking about what Kasey said on our BABB Blog when she mentioned cults. What the heck is with those people, you know the one's that sell their home, give the freak in charge all their money, and cut their appendages off and put them in mason jars, and then kill themselves, or be killed for some nut. George and I used to laugh, we watched this one old broad who dressed up like a complete ass, like someone off of the old "Buck Rogers" with Ming the merciless, anyway, she wore this sequined gown, with a wand, and a crown and claimed she was from Venus, where she was queen. She called herself, "Space Ship Ruthie". Anyway these dorks gave her tons of money so when the Vesuvian ship came she would take them all back to Venus.
Oh come on people, are they one of the rare few that are born without brains? Are you so bored and pathetic that you have to engage with professional con artists? God what is it that they see, that I don't? Or how about that Applegate, WT..... LOL LOL How could anyone even begin to fall for all this garbage? I mean this is the 21st century. People spending their "dough" chasing Bigfoot, Werewolves, Vampires, etc.. Who the hell even cares if these things exist? I certainly don't.
I said to George, "We are in the wrong business", like PT Barnum said, "God there is a sucker born every minute". We live in a society where everyone seems to be on some sort of journey, they don't know what the heck it is, but they are all on board. I am going to start my own cult and make millions duping people, who apparently take great delight in being duped. Hey I want to make people happy too. Oh my gosh, what is this world coming too anyway. I think our brains are shrinking. lol lol lol..:) I truly am "Stupified" everyday of my life! How about you?
Here is a picture of me waiting for the descent of the Vesuvian ships, PLEASE SEND CASH NOW IF YOU WANT TO GO WITH ME...I am queen now of this planet. No checks, or credit cards please...LOL LOL OMG and these people have parents and family, what must they think? "Where did we fail, or go wrong"!


  1. HAHA! Love the picture, Maureen! Let's all fly off into space.
    It's weird how people ever get into cults. I guess they have nothing else going on in their life so they find something and go crazy about it.

  2. remember those people in Cali, 10-20 years ago? They all lived in the same house and had set out their little matching nikes and drunk the koolaid to catch the orbiting spaceship? I wonder if when they died they caught that spaceship? I plan to enjoy THIS life and not be crazy or give money to the crazies :)

  3. since my coronation as Queen of the Universe, Eastern Division- I have noticed a distinct lack of funds being sent my way. Perhaps its the lack of sequined gowns and tinfoil hats getting in the way of my fame and fortune...

  4. HA!!!! my word was verification word was Charoty! (bad spelling, I know they really meant Charity, so should we registre for a charity # and start rakin in the dough???? I think its definitely a sign.....

  5. Thanks so much for the feedback. I mean seriously, aren't you astounded as to just how easy it is to dupe people when you see things like this? I am...I have met people who partake of such foolish endeavors, and they are like serious about it. I look at them and say, "HUH! I wish you could of seen the documentary we did on that woman. It was astounding, if I had been in the audience I would of been BWAA HAAA BWAHAA every time she spoke. I would of gotten the Vesuvian Death Ray for sure!

  6. Must be too much TV...LOL! However, people fell for scams like that before TV, so it musta been too little TV...{Giggle}!

    There are lots of folks out there who can't tell delusion from reality. It's taken me many years to tell the difference, myself. ;-)