Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eternal Love

Eternal love can manifest itself in many ways. To the left is a portrait I did for a woman of her beloved deceased dog Buddy. I had to question her extensively because I could not get to know Buddy first hand. One of the most important aspects when doing a portrait. If you want to capture the essence or soul you need to know the person/animal on a more personal basis.
She went into this whole story of her dog. How he was like a "Sentinel" everyday waiting at the bus stop for the kids. How he would stand, reminiscent of a "Guardian Angel", always loyal, always loving, and always concerned for the welfare of everyone.

I had my work cut out for sure. Going over photos, studying the dog, and seeing his relationship with family members in the photos. An interesting study of this dog.

When viewing the photos I started to see the love that this family had for this dog. As well as the great love they had for each other. It made me cry, and tears would well up as I did this portrait. After many attempts I decided on this pose, one where he doesn't look like the happy, family, Golden Retriever. One where he transcends normal dog stance. I made it eerily stark. No background to speak of, just the soul of a dog who still watches over the ones he loves.

Anyway, when I delivered the portrait to her, and unveiled it. She immediately broke down, sobbing from the bottom of her heart. In her sobbing voice she wailed, "That is my Buddy, that is the exact stance he always had waiting for a loved one". A very powerful moment for me, and she hung on me, thanking me through her tears of love.

This is what LOVE is. It truly is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. Unbreakable, over time and space. So always remember just how important you are to those who love you. Never forget the impact your presence has upon someone, or some pet. And never forget the deep love you too have for others, and cherish every second.

Some of the greatest wonders of the world have been created in honor of undying love. So this Valentines Day remember just how important it is to show just how much you truly love, and how much you are truly loved. Always love with your whole being, and soul. It will last eternally.


  1. and gosh, maureen, your drawing is EXQUISITE, you are so talented!

  2. That is a phenomenal portrait! You're amazing.

    As Kanye says, if you admire somebody you should go ahead and tell them. People never get the flowers while they can still smell them. I do admire you, Maureen. Very much so. This world is lucky to have you in it.

    I always try to remember that after having lost so many friends growing up. I make sure people know how much they mean to me.

  3. Thanks so much Gary and Kasey. I think the both of you make the world, and this life so much happier, and wonderful. I really do pray every night for everyone, and thank God that he has blessed me with such wonderful people.