Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Arctic Tundra! UGH

To the left is a photo of a painting I did for Carrie. She adores penguins. I love penguins also, but not the climate they live in. The birds in the painting are those naughty Petrels. Yikes, they are tough, bad, birdies.
I did love doing this painting though. The sky, and the colors are quite amazing where they live. Very crisp, cold, and foreboding, just like the environment they live in. The penguins that look like dirty cotton balls, are the young ones. The striking black, and yellow ones are the adults. Gosh, amazing how they can survive in this environment. Way to frigid for this "Bird"! lol lol :)
It certainly gave me a challenge to work with these colors. Constantly had to back away, and contemplate them. Never get much of a chance to work with Magentas, turquoise, black, and yellow creating a nature scene. :) Oh it's done in gouache, you know I love gouache paints.


  1. Maureen! Another amazing painting! How do you do it?! Seriously. I can't stop staring at it. I keep finding new things. I LOVE IT!!!

    Penguins are one of my favorite animals. They seem so happy. I used to check out a penguin cam that was set up at the Omaha Zoo a lot. I just love their little flappy arms and how they hop out of the water. Sliding around on their bellies. I love them. Them and owls are my favorites.
    Oh and cats and pugs and all kinds of animals!