Saturday, March 12, 2011

Of course they are aliens!

Over thirty years of owning Pugs. Another saga in my life. I am not sure if everyone knows this but Pugs are truly ETs of the most wonderful kind. Only true Pug owners know this. It was not by coincidence that it was the dog chosen in "Men in Black", Frank the Alien. There is no other dog on the planet that is like a Pug in personality. You know I love all dogs, but Pugs, well you have to adore them and respect their alien ways.
You are their servants, at their beckoning call, to serve them with their needs why they look at you like Mr. Spock looked at Captain Kirk all the time, What an idiot these humans are"!
In the above photo is the Sire of our first Pug "Trump", to the left, to the right is his Father "Theodore". This photo was in the Purina Dog Chow Calendar. So let me explain our first experience when taking home a Pug.
We arrived at the breeder recommended to us from the Illinois Chapter of the AKC. Anyway this woman Fern was the head of the Illinois Great Lakes Pug Club. She came highly recommended for our daughter Carrie's first Pug. Carrie wanted to show her Pug so therefore we had to get a show quality Pug. The above Pugs were in the Westminster Dog Show.
This woman was a serious, serious, Pug breeder. Her house was Pug everything, fabulous Paintings of Pug Portraits on every wall, Pug carpeting, Pug dish-ware, Pug canisters, Pug toilette paper holders, Pug everything. Her Pugs were spectacular, spotless, and the house was perfect, and in order. She then took us on a tour of her house, and low and behold we were taken into the sacred chambers of awards. A whole room, top to bottom of trophies, ribbons, Sterling Silver trays, bowls, amazing.
Then on to the breeding of her Pugs. Volumes of documents, with Pugs of all kinds. She explained all the rules of purchasing one of her pups and what she expected from you. We explained how Carrie wanted to show her Pug, she smiled ear to ear and said, "That is just what I wanted to hear". She explained that if you purchase one of her Pugs it's name had to begin with a "T", all her Pugs had a "T" name. Trump, Theodore, Travis, Tody, Tipper, Timmy, and on and on.
So Carrie fell in love with her puppy pick and named him "Ti Ching"! Perfect Fern said. She then proceeded to sign papers, collect money, and gave us a huge bag full of new toys, bedding, prepared food for the pup, on and on. I said, "My gosh, people are not cared about this much"! lol lol :)
Well, Ti was perfect in every-way. Carrie started to show him and won every-time. This woman knew her stuff when it came to breeding. We then proceeded to acquire another Pug, "Tristan", and then another Pug "Thurston" from this woman. It was the only breed we ever owned all those years. In the area we were known as "The Pug People"! lol lol :)
Pugs are highly intelligent, oh so wonderful, and easily make themselves at home, and in your hearts. Unless you have been loved and accepted by a Pug, and owned by a Pug you will never understand what we are saying.
I will be posting a photo album on FB in tribute to the best time of our lives, owning Pugs.


  1. YES! They are totally little aliens! Way smarter than we could ever hope to be. If they could talk they would be tiny little comedians. Always saying something smart and hilarious. You can tell what they are thinking with their expressive, smashed little faces.

    It's true. Once you have a pug in your life no other creature will ever compare. They can't! It's impossible. They have SO MUCH PERSONALITY in a compact little body.

  2. kasey had a pug named DINK-e-dog :) Pugs are so cute and cuddly, but act all tough when the mailman shows up. Maybe less energy than psycho ratties??? Great post MAUREEN!!!!!!!!!!