Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Tiny Room

Did this demo piece for when I worked at the pottery studio I was apprenticing for. I was in charge of designing and teaching kids, so this was a kids project.
I didn't glaze it because when kids see colors they lose focus. They color glazed their's but I left mine unglazed so the sculpture was more focused.
The kids were way so creative, the project was make a bookend of your bedroom, and everything in it, including your pets.
I made this one so they could get an idea of scaling their project. It was truly fun! Mine was totally fictitious of course, I am the teacher. I put chocolate cookies on the lamp table and a glass. I also put a dog and a cat on the bed. I really love sculpting too, it really lets your creative juices flow.
The children I used to teach were Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts. I mean they truly turned out some wonderful bedrooms. One boy even put his pet turtle in the fish tank that was on his dresser. This pottery was reduction fired to cone 12. Another boy said, finally I have a work of Art to display at my home, all my sisters art work is on the fridge, I have nothing, "But I do now"! lol lol :) They returned for another class and made other sculptures, I asked them if they wanted to try the wheel, they said, "Nah, we like doing this"! Works for me.....


  1. Maureen, holy cats, what a masterpiece! I love your sculpting sooooooo much! The bureau looks like mine, with Rumpole the teddy bear!

  2. Awww! That's so great! I love it. I love the little kitty on the bed! So sweet. You'd be the most fun teacher ever!