Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Glorious Princess Perfect!

Here is our darling "Princess Emily". This was her glory days when she was a young girl. She was the best agility dog and out of all the dogs at the agility trial she won Best Agility Dog for her group size. She even got her championship on her first dog agility trial. In this photo there were several hundred dogs there that day so she proved her stuff. Every time she ran she did a totally clean run, absolutely not one mistake.
She was a star athlete and a heart that just wouldn't quit. When the judge would explain to me the path she had to take she would watch him and when the whistle blew, off she ran, with no guidance. My dog is brilliant, and smart, a born winner. She knew her job, and loved it. Never tired and always gave a million percent.
She did have an advantage over the large dogs, because of her size, and her being low to the ground, wow she could move with out one stop, or hesitation. A real go getter in her youth.
Emily came from a puppy mill. Turned out to be the best pal a person could ever have. She is totally devoted, loyal, loving, smart, and super sensitive to your feelings.
A real darling, as long as you are not a lol lol :)


  1. What a sweet and loving post about your Emily. I am so happy that she chose you to be her parents! Thank you for saving her life.

  2. Oh Emily is just a beautiful dog, isn't she? I think you posted video once, Moodle, of the 2 of you training? What a sweetie!

  3. Emily is my sweetheart circus dog. She loves me and will sit up on her hind legs. She loves to kiss and goes just about crazy when you show up at the door. I love my Emooly.