Monday, January 10, 2011


You know I remember years ago having fun almost everyday, and people smiling, laughing, and enjoying life. Does anyone else remember those days? Nobody had to be politically correct, everyone laughed, and nobody took themselves as serious as today. We used to have people from all Ethnic cultures, I am Irish, Polish. When someone would make a joke about either we would all laugh. I remember so few vicious, vane, arrogant, and self absorbed, right fighters, like today. It's absolutely astounding that the majority of the population is like that today. It's like we all forgot how to be "Human". If you make one mistake today, yikes, you are slammed to the ground, and isolated forever. You know, sort of like sent to the land of "Nod". Today when you say something ,everybody on the planet dislikes, you are put to a sort of "Social Death Sentence". This planet has become so oppressive, violent, and the people just plain "yucky"! No not absolutely everyone, just most of them. You say one darn thing, and someone, somewhere gets offended, and either has you arrested, or shoots you in the head. WTF? Give me a break. Today, you are either too much this way, too much that way, too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, boobs too small, too big. Will someone please make up my mind? Well you know what, screw it all! You heard it directly from this "Shanty Irish, Pollack" me. Proud of it, and don't care if you like it or not! So tired of walking "On Eggs" already. LIGHTEN UP FOLKS, AND LEARN TO LAUGH AT YOURSELF ONCE IN A WHILE....GOOD FOOD FOR THE SOUL. Stop being so self-centered, and selfish, and judgmental. Just be glad your you, and enjoy this life when you can! I try to love everyone, but gosh, could you make it a little easier to love you! :) Remember: "Life is like Rhubarb, learn to get rubbed a little bit with a smile"! You can "Rub my Rhubarb" once in a while, tis good to laugh at yourself, it's so freeing...try it! Please don't try to make me perfect, I don't want to be.


  1. Amen, Maureen. I completely understand and agree. :)

  2. Frankly, Maureen, your psycho ratty painting here, is, as usual, amazingly brilliant :) PHENOMENALLY brilliant.
    As for the rest? I am looking forward to that feckin' beer later on :)

  3. Screw it all! I love you, Maureen!
    I swear you need a book. The Gospel of Maureen. That would be a best seller!

  4. Well said!

    You're probably going to get a comment from somebody saying in a much different way, "Stop judging me for my judgmentalism."