Thursday, January 13, 2011

Living by the Heart

I was planning a new piece of pottery last night, all kinds of feelings, and images, started to flow. Not only pottery, but also things that have affected me in my life. Anyway, while doing it, I remembered working at the Pet Store, and started to deal with issues I remember. I see in pictures, when I start to focus and think. Anyway, out of no where, this poem popped into my head. I think it is very relevant to today, just as it was years ago.
Living By The Heart
I saw a little kitten and a puppy too,
They made my soul smile,
and my body through and through.
I then began to ponder,
to whom they would belong.
Could they stay innocent,
or would they have to be tough and strong.
Would they have to suffer,
and struggle to survive.
Or would a kind loving soul,
keep their innocence alive.


  1. BeAuTiFuL... and so true... we think of these things for not only those pets in the store... but our children too. <3

  2. That is such a great poem. It's true for pets and people. Very beautiful.
    And that drawing? Well that's just amazing.